Our Story

Handmade with love, care and quality 🇨🇦

Dante’s closet is a family owned business that was inspired by our loving dog, Dante. Produced in Toronto, Canada and delivered worldwide. Offering exclusive leather gear, quality leather from Europe and a wide selection for your fur friends. Our leather collars, harnesses and leashes are handmade,  tripled stitched and designed for real eye-catchers.

Easy to wear and double soft padded for durability, a must have for dog owner’s who aim for uniqueness and style. We aspire to create fashionable and fun gear that matches your fur friends personality!

Leather and hardware

All of our leathers have different functionalities. We use full grain and top grain leather which are the best on the market. Full grain leather allows for our collars to be strong and durable while providing a nice touch of style. Our leather’s origin plays a big role on the quality that we provide, most of our leather comes from Europe, you can take a guess where the best quality of leather comes from.

Our buckles,D-ring’s and hooks are solid brass that is a metallic alloy, made of copper and zinc specifically to withstand strong breeds and contain it’s original colour metal. All of our accessories are hand pressed securely to the leather, others are screwed back to provide more strength.

 We thrive to provide the best service and quality gear that your pupper deserves. 

Est. 2019  |  2 Designers 1 DOG |   Worldwide Delivery