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Are leather collars good for dogs ?

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Leather collars are at the top for class and style, they provide durability, comfort and security. They come in all styles and sizes from collars with padding, rolled edges, thick widths, full of accessories, you name it ! 

Most importantly, they are meant to be a safety tool for you and your pet, the wrong dog collar can be a hazard and may cause more problems than you’d think. Leather collars are made of natural materials which makes it great for dogs that have sensitive skin, it causes less irritation than other materials used in the market.

When it comes to a dog collar that will be worn everyday, comfort is key for your furry friend. Designed to last and easy to grip, a soft leather is ideal for training purposes for medium to large size breeds.The soft padding inside of the collar protects the dogs neck and trachea from crashing specially for dogs who are prong to pull. 

Other materials such as chain collars, nylon and plastic can cause serious injuries such as prolapsed eyes, asphyxiation, spinal cord trauma and more.

Leather collars have been worn since ancient times and there must be a very good reason as to why they are still around, great things never go out of style. 


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